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Senise Tower Project

The Senise Group has contracted Swedish architect Per Wåhlin and Italian architect Tommaso Valle, and his engineering-company, Studio Valle SPA, to design the Senise Tower Project.

Skyscrapers are usually designed as landmarks; distinct, simple and direct objects in the landscape. Their silhouette therefore determines how they are conceived. Usually there is one static silhouette which is replicated. The Senise Tower team has chosen to make numerous silhouettes, an ongoing shifting body. The Senise Tower, is designed as two structures in one. An outer shell is placed over an inner body. The shell is made of an airy transparent fabric. To produce a desired inner irregularity the body is carved with asymmetrical terraces and twisted every ten floors. This gives the principally oval shaped tower a different appearance at every floor and from every viewpoint. There is a dramatic change in appearance between daytime, when the outer body’s soft lines are reflecting light; and at night, when the look is angular with the illuminated inner body showing.

The appearance of the Senise Tower will also change drastically with every infinitesimal change in weather.

The distinct form and construction technique helps to reduce energy consumption and thereby the carbon footprint, with favorable contributions towards environmental sustainability.

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