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With the new development of High Speed Rail services in different parts of the world,
travelling by train will become an increasingly attractive alternative to crowded airports.

Currently there are services being developed for speeds of up to 400 kph, with much
faster trains on the drawing board.

Trans-Asia Railway Network (TAR) is often compared to the ancient Silk Road, the old
trade route from China to Europe that connected the farthest corners of the known world
for centuries. The initial plan started in 1960 envisioned a continuous 14,000-kilometer
rail link between Singapore and Turkey, via Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, and Iran.
But with rapid economic growth and increasing interdependence, the TAR has grown
exponentially. Today, it encompasses a complex network of nearly 81,000 kilometers
spread over four major geographical regions.

The Senise Group intends to be at the fore front, participating in this exciting
new travel experience..

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