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Senise Group Sustainability

Our strategic priorities include sustainable development, ethical sourcing and CSR commitments

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Brundtland (Our Common Future, 1987)

Increasingly, businesses are expected to find ways where profits go side-by-side with environmental and social performance and to turn this responsibility into opportunity.

Implementation of high-impact environmental sustainability and social responsibility strategies create real business values, through cost savings, revenue generation, brand improvement, and risk mitigation.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is concerned with how an individual company interacts with the wider world. It is about how the

“The world we have created
today has problems which
cannot be solved by thinking
the way we thought when
we created them.”
Albert Einstein.

organization considers the interests of society and the environment in carrying out its business.

A commitment to CSR requires the Senise Group to take responsibility for the impact of our activities on customers, shareholders and the environment. For the Senise Group, CSR encompasses a range of areas, including:

Responsibility towards customers

The Senise Group is committed to deliver high quality luxury goods and product design to meet the expectations of our clients.

Responsibility towards business partners

The Senise Group is dedicated to responsible environmental management in industry-specific issues, ethical business principles,

and supply chain relationships.

Responsibility towards shareholders

The Senise Group has based business activities on high principles of corporate governance, transparency in financial reporting and proactive investor information policy.

Our manufacturing operations are principally located in the European Union. As such, they are strictly controlled by some of the most stringent environmental laws and regulations anywhere. Their sustainability is critically linked to our future growth and success.

The Senise Group is committed to good governance, ethical conduct and social responsibility as the core way of doing business, strongly aligned with the aim to create and increase shareholder values.

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