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Senise Group Introduction

The Senise Group comprises three privately owned companies incorporated in the United Kingdom. For company description:
Senise Companies

Extraordinary Talent and Capacity

An essential feature of the Senise Group is the ability to visualize the future potential of the present opportunities; to develop business ideas today for the markets of tomorrow.

It takes a special talent, daring, yet rational; pioneering, yet well acquainted with the technical possibilities of today. The founder of the Senise Group, Renato V. R. Senise, has this astounding capacity.

This has resulted in a portfolio of products, projects and businesses in various stages of development, from outline projects to products available in the marketplace.

With an international background; a multicultural and transnational network of private contacts from all levels of society, public office and

industry, Mr. Senise and the Senise Group are well positioned to embark on the next stages of expansion.

All segments in the Group are committed to continuous innovative creativity, with cross-fertilization of ideas and experiences, to find the unexpected associations that give birth to new visions.

Strategic alliances

In order to develop the Group’s wide range of projects and products, the Senise Group has formed strategic alliances with companies who are all prominent in their particular field of business. From leading producers of exceptional wines to marine architects famed for designing the latest in luxury cruise ships.

Senise logo branding

A carefully guarded and cultivated global development of the Senise brand, synonymous with distinction and excellence; should prove to be an invaluable asset to secure the ultimate success of products and businesses. The cross-over effects of the coordinated Senise

logo branding by all product segments will represent an exponential growth potential.

Participation of Investors

The Senise Group has now decided to allow investors to participate in the further development of the Senise Portfolio and take part in the creation of substantial income and significant wealth through selective applications of design, engineering and marketing, combined with unique networking capacities.

Investors are invited to participate with investments directly in Senise Portfolio Ltd, or in the commercialization of a particular business segment through a new company specifically incorporated for the purpose.

Such a new company can be jointly owned with external investors. In some circumstances, when strategic partners are involved, a joint venture may be deemed more advantageous. For more information: Senise Communications Ltd

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