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The symbolism of the Senise logo

The S  

The Senise name

Renato V. R. Senise - the group’s source of Stimulation and Creative Talent.

The Globe 

Global Sustainability sponsored by Senise

Socio-environmental responsibility is one of the hallmarks in our investment policy.

The Four Ellipses 

The first ellipse

The first ellipse represents the Sun

– and its orbit around the center of our Galaxy – source of energy for all life.

The second ellipse

The second ellipse stands for Inspiration

– foundation of all successful endeavors.

The third ellipse

The third ellipse depicts Eternity

– linking past, present and future. 

The fourth ellipse

The fourth ellipse symbolizes our guiding principles

– From ancient Chinese texts:

Simplicity – The fundamental laws of the universe are utterly plain and simple.

Variability – Everything in the universe is constantly changing.

Persistency – Although all in the universe is changing, there is a persistent principle, which does not vary with space and time.

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