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Motor Yachts

Destiny 30

Destiny 65

Destiny 80

Destiny 116

Destiny 143

Senise Motor Yachts

Senise Maritime develops an entirely new concept of luxury motor yachts, based on an outline design conceived by Renato V. R. Senise. The vessels in the current planning are:

Senise Destiny 30 - Luxury Yacht 30,5 meters loa,
Senise Destiny 65 - Super Yacht 65 meters loa,
Senise Destiny 80 - Super Yacht 80 meters loa,
Senise Destiny 116 - Mega Yacht 116 meters loa,
Senise Destiny 143 - Mega Yacht 143 meters loa.

The Yachts, with their unique exterior design including the characteristic globe-shaped component of the superstructure and exceptional interior, will all have state-of-the-art navigational equipment and ice classification allowing exploration of the Polar Regions.

The Senise Green Yacht Concept

Senise Maritime strives at all times to stay abreast with the latest technology, research, design and production advances to reduce negative environmental impact and therefore contribute to the sustainability of life.

The importance of diminishing negative environmental impact in the operational phase has to be addressed in earnest already at the design stage.

The design and building of Senise Yachts employ the latest available techniques in order to be satisfied that the yachts are produced to the highest possible environmental standards. One of the most important tasks in this respect is to optimize hull form to reduce wave/wash generation, and thereby minimize fuel consumption.

Reduction of noise and vibrations are other important environmental aspects, receiving careful attention early at the planning stage of every Senise Yacht.

The increased lifespan of a Senise Yacht, through improved quality of design and production procedures, leads to both environmental and economic benefits.

Trends in the Global Yacht Market

The super and mega yacht segments have expanded considerably globally in recent years. According to LR Fairplay data base, there are more than 100 new building orders for yachts from 24 m length and upwards on shipyard order books worldwide. The total number of delivered yachts of this scale rose from 102 in 2007 to 128 in 2008. The number of orders for motor yachts with a length of 50 m and over increased from 22 to 50 in the same period. As in previous years, European yards claim more than two-thirds of all new orders. (Source: Fairplay databse)

There is no sign that the billionaire boat boom is ending. The recession has certainly hit the "middle-class" yacht market, as banks cut back on boat loans and mere millionaires struggle to rebuild their fortunes. Yet orders for super yachts, or those more than 250 feet, were actually up more than 20% in 2009, according to Showboats International magazine.

Yacht Technology

The radical transformation in motorized yachts over the last two decades has been a further factor in the

success of the mega-yacht market. Yacht-builders can now offer innovative designs that are easier to use (hence require smaller crews and lower maintenance costs), and can offer superior standards of comfort, and, most importantly, communication at sea, that together serve to attract new owners.

Innovation has affected all aspects of yacht design. Hulls are increasingly being optimized for their water penetration and seaworthiness. Highly efficient stabilizers are now widely adopted on the biggest yachts, to allow for longer-distance cruising with high passenger comfort. Engine sizes are also increasing substantially, allowing smoother and faster travel for larger yacht sizes.

Rodriguez Group was the first in the world to exhibit a large yacht equipped, not with a marine screw propeller, but with hydro jets with two turbines and no conventional engine. Azipods have been used to increase the maneuverability of the larger yachts, as well as reducing vibration and increasing passenger comfort.

Advances in mobile, digital and satellite communications allow yachts to be equipped with a fully working office

with satellite connections to servers anywhere in the world. The range of entertainment facilities and worldwide television can be at least as extensive as found in a luxurious hotel. At the same time, advances in electronics have allowed builders to miniaturize technical equipment and increase the boat’s capacity for leisure purposes.

Finally, interior fittings, combined with new sound-proofing systems and innovative new decorating materials allow almost infinite possibilities.

Innovations in leisure crafts have made it possible to have different types of crafts available onboard, from small dinghies to large pleasure crafts including submarines. It is practically possible to have a full marina services available aboard.

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