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Senise Destiny 65 Super Yacht

Senise Destiny is a new concept in luxury Super Motor Yachts designed for the
discerning elite. The first vessel planned is the 116 meter Senise Destiny 116. 
This concept model will also be available in other sizes, Senise Destiny 65 meters, and the
Senise Destiny 80 meters. Other sizes are under development. See In Progress

The Senise Destiny Super Yacht concept is developed together with some of
the world’s most distinguished expert firms in the field of marine design,
construction and technology.  Only the finest qualities in design and
construction technologies, with environmental sustainability in mind,
are employed in the Senise Destiny concept.

The Senise Destiny 65 Super Yacht will be a sixty-five meter long
scaled down version of the larger Senise Destiny 116 Super Yacht.

For more information on the Senise Destiny Super Yacht
concept, go to. Senise Destiny 116 Super Yacht

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