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Senise Special Cuvée Prosecco di Valdobbiadene DOC Spumante Brut

This Prosecco is especially bottled for the Senise Group by the Bisol Wine Estate in Treviso, Italy.

Bisol is a family-owned company, based in the little town of Santo Stefano, owning some of the finest land in all Prosecco. The Bisol family has farmed in Prosecco since the 17th century, owning and making wines on this estate since 1875.

Bisol is one of the very few houses that integrate the entire production process, ensuring quality in every phase, from the selection of the terrain, to growing and hand picking of the grapes in vineyards on steep slopes, to the bottling of the wine

The Senise Special Prosecco is known as a “Crede”, which refers to the clayey terrains with subsoil of marine sandstone, situated in the hills where the Prosecco, Verdiso and Pinot Blanco vines do not suffer from droughts in critical periods. The grapes develop a notable wealth of noble acids, aromas and fruitiness.

The colour of this Senise Special Prosecco is a light straw yellow with a perlage consisting of a myriad of minute and persistent bubbles. The bouquet of wild flowers is properly intense, fresh and elegant, and it features an extremely agreeable fruitiness. The flavour reflects the fruity bouquet with its scents of apples and pears. The harmony is completed with a rich and refined sapidity.

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