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Legend Perfume Women

Legend Perfume Men

Solitaire Perfume Women

Solitaire Perfume Men


Senise Wines

Senise Prosecco

Cuvée Senise Brut

Cuvée Senise Millésime 2002

Cuvée Senise Blanc de Blancs

Senise Legend Water

Senise Solitaire Water

Eaux de Parfum Solitaire

Eau de Parfum pour Femme

It begins with a play between notes of peach, the essential oils of Brazilian sweet orange and lemon form Italy.

Then you discover a bouquet of jasmine from Egypt, rose absolute of Morocco and ylang-ylang from Comoros Islands. It confers wonderful elegance and delicate refinement to the fragrance.

Next, in the back, you have the velvetiness, the softness, and the sensuality of women with the vanilla of Madagascar, the patchouli of Indonesia and beeswax absolute.

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