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A Dance with Destiny

The motion picture, A Dance with Destiny, is a story about the marvellous life of the famous Swedish dancer and beauty queen Betty Bjurström, known to millions of people throughout the world, and her husband Renato Senise.

Betty and Renato who meet and fall in love in Rome, just as World War II is beginning to rage around them, and for the next seven years live through the most powerfully romantic, perilous, heartbreaking and, ultimately, exciting love story and adventure imaginable.

The fantastic true account of Betty Bjurström and Renato Senise is one of the great love stories of history, sexy, romantic, exhilarating and full of danger, heartbreak and tragedy, but ultimately, powerfully inspiring and deeply moving.

Other well known characters in the film are the Italian King Vittorio Emanuele III, Head of the Italian Police Carmine Senise, the Italian dictator Mussolini, the American-Italian Godfather Vito Genovese, Princess Daisy, General Bodenschantz and Heinrich Himmler.

Roberto Leoni
Writer and director

“I'm considered to be a writer with plenty of imagination, but this incredible story is true and its dramatic twists and turns go far beyond anything I could imagine. I've enjoyed writing it, living through the passions and adventures of the leading characters as they are drawn into A Dance with Destiny.”

Swedens Bonnier Entertainment AB
has acquired the distribution rights
in the Nordic countries for
A Dance with Destiny.
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